A Golf Strategy That makes all the Difference.

//A Golf Strategy That makes all the Difference.

A Golf Strategy That makes all the Difference.

A Golf Strategy That makes all the Difference.

by Phil ODowd NLP Practitioner

I have had the pleasure of working in the Golf industry for the last 30 Years. In that time I have seen vast changes in both equipment,philosophy,technology and teachings. More Than ever there is a greater understanding of the game, both physically and mentally.

But one thing strikes me about the majority.

What is it?

Its a passionate desire to improve. But no matter what level of skill you possess,we all strive for something better. But to be brutally honest most golfers don’t progress past the average – despite hours of practice the latest equipment and the best of teaching.

Have you ever asked yourself why?

I know I have many times…….

Now I’m not saying I have all the answers…But over the past 30 years in this great industry and also playing to a high standard myself I have noticed subtle differences from the elite to the mast improvers from the plodders.

There a 4 main differences:

Simply put, is the ability to focus on certain stimuli or thoughts to the exclusion of all others
Ultimately, what we decide to pay attention to and what we choose to ignore shapes our very existence.

Are you prepared to commit to a task and ultimately see it through to conclusion… and secondly do you beliefs
support your aspirations.

Do you have a plan or strategy that you can put in place to move you towards you goals..

And last but often the hardest to implement, now is the time to make a solid, final decision and
act towards moving closer to your goals.

If you are interested in Learning how to take your golf improvement to the next level….WE at Ultimate golf team have been working for the last year to bring golfers of all levels a Strategy that will make a real difference in their golfing journey.

Are you ready to learn skills to make a measured improvement in your golf game?

Benefits: We Together will design and learn tailored to you!

  • Discuss,design and learn to implement an on course Players strategy.
  • Reduce interference and develop a playing state of mind.
  • Learn a repeatable process which offers you a reliable formula for peak performance
  • Develop imagination, awareness and formidable confidence.
  • Measure and track results
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